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Multi-source Data

Multi-source Data

Real-Time data matching and analysis from multiple sources. Manage all of your campaigns on one unified dashboard. Analyze ROI and User Value from any incoming traffic, and scale your campaigns with ease.

  • Live data from campaigns
  • Deep real-time metrics
  • Manage & measure your content


Let AI manage all of your campaigns and focus on making content. Set goals, and let the machines do the rest. Live bidding solution based on Machine Learning algorithms with event driven traffic channel management.

  • Manual or automatic bidding
  • Advanced reports on performance
  • Scale your campaigns with few clicks
PPC Optimization

PPC Optimization

Fast & Easy scaling. Duplicate your best performing campaigns to multiple distribution channels at once. Deep dive into data and spot over or under performing campaigns and quickly take actions.

  • Advanced machine learning
  • Performance prediction
  • Quick and easy campaign setup


Transparent and deep marketing data representation of your campaigns. Analyze campaign performance by looking in to advanced data metrics and dimensions and unlock valuable insights.

  • In-depth analysis from any source
  • Take action in real-time
  • Alter campaigns or let us do it for you

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